Obibini Takyi Junior
Veteran hi-life artist,Kk fosu’s earlier interview with mc Yaa Yeboah on Bryt tv’s Bryt Extra show, he mentioned that after his peak no artist including the emerging ones are producing indigenous hi-life music.

Per this, Obibini Takyi Jnr, son of legendary hi-life artist Obibini Takyi took to his social media page to debunk and show his displeasure by asking him not to act ignorant .

According to Obibini, aside himself there are numerous emerging artists producing indigenous hi-life Music but the media and current trend isn’t permitting it to penetrate the market to meet large audience compared to when he (KK Fosu) had his peak.

Obibini’s conclusion ”The world will hear from me soon, my greatness will umbrella the world ” kept lots of fans in suspense making wondering about his next project after Apuutor which is doing amazing.