Gershon Basis has been enjoying a smooth run in the limelight as his releases have always been met with applause from fans and critics alike.

He takes the game a step further with the release of his next official single – *Ego Be* Which he Featured *Lucci Money* an Amazing Artiste  and was produced by *Money Nation*.

“E Go Be” is a phrase taken from a bilingual English spoken mostly in Western Africa which means “It shall be well”.

In “Ego Be“, Gershon Basis addresses the life of the young and the old with dreams of achieving greatness while maneuvering their way through poverty and other depressing challenges of life.

As “E go be” has become the phrase the street uses to encourage themselves after a long day of mind boggling hustle.
Gershon Basis emphasizes the importance of staying focused, patient, embracing hard work and putting God first, hence,using the quality beat produced by Money Nation as a podium to address his peers and inspiring greatness in them.

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