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Meet Ghanaian International Barber “Derrick Kwabena Abotsi ( Luda Haircut)


A rise from the slums.

Born and bred in a city I call the land of hustle Ashaiman, Derrick Kwabena Abotsi has defiled most of the perception set by society to build an empire that has brought him all the goodies any other job would bring him. Born to parent who prefer the white-collar job Derrick never let the pressure get into his head or prevent him from achieving his dreams and what he loves most. Derick Kwabena Abotsi is the creator and founder of the luda haircut salon that is making all the waves in the nation at the moment.

Derick Kwabena Abotsi attended and completed his basic and junior high education at leads international school which was also at Ashaiman. He later attended Chemu senior high school. Where for four years he schooled to complete his senior high level of education.  Although his parents wanted a formal type of profession for him his passion was really what he was after. “if a doctor is able to build a house with his career or travel, why cant a barber do same?” he said. from barbering his siblings and friends in the neighbourhood for nothing or a pesewa. He realized he could capitalize on the trade and establish himself as a professional.

Through hard work and strong will, he has built for himself an empire which has sent him around the world to showcase his gift. You can call him the African-European barber cos he has travelled across Europe from the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Austria and Spain just to mention a few.

I had a conversation with him and these are what he said,

How did you decide to ply the trade of being a barber and not a doctor as your parents wished for you?

“Alright so barbering was my passion, I was barbering my siblings and friends in my neighbourhood for free when I was a kid. It got to a time I needed to take responsibilities for myself as a young kid and as at that time I was in SHS so I started taking little coins from friends after barbering them. Looking at that I realized I can capitalize on the barbering trade and build upon it to become a professional as I am today.”

Were there any challenges when you decided to set up proper?

“yea, so many”

How did you deal with them?

“I had this conviction that if a doctor can build a house and travel with his family why cant a barber do same?”

What did your parents say when you made the decision to pursue your passion?

“Alright so initially m parents thought my barbering concept was nonsense, but I kept proving to them that I will make it through the barbering industry cos things are changing . I had one philosophy d that is what I stand on anytime.”

And what is that philosophy?

“a barber can achieve everything a doctor can too”

What are some of the places you have visited?

“ a lot but I will mention just four. I have been to Germany, Russia, Austria and Spain.”

What can you tell others who would want to be like you?

Nothing is impossible, stay focused and have a positive mind towards every situation.”

As Ghanaians do you think our education system is doing what it should be doing?

“i think our leaders need to check skilled oriented vocations and also focus on jobs In that aspect to create avenue for the craft-men to thrive in what they do.”

“purpose crosses disciplines, an essential element of you, it is the reason you are on this planet at this particular time In history. Your very existence is wrapped up on the things you are here to fulfil”

By the late Chadwick Bossman (WAKANDA FOREVER)


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